3 Easy-to-Remember Reasons to Praise God, Even on a Hard Day

I'd be lying if I said that I started every day praising God for how good He is. More often than not, I am so preoccupied with worldly concerns that I lose track of His involvement in my life. Like Martha in Luke 10:38-42, I tend to obsess about circumstances beyond my control when I... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Envy -Part I

If you have ever visited the Grand Canyon, you know the view is breath-taking. The constantly changing colors, shifting shadows, and striations in the rock make for an awesome selfie background. Tragically, however, several people have recently fallen to their deaths - at the G.C. and other parks - as a result of losing their... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Pedestals – When Christian Leaders Fall

Please say it isn't so. Please tell me yet another Christian leader with a huge platform didn't just fall in public disgrace? Oh yes he did. In case you hadn't noticed, there has been a string of these sad scenarios in the recent past where a mega-church leader with mega-influence crashes and burns for all... Continue Reading →

This Too Shall Pass?

It is one of those phrases that people may think is in the Bible, but it isn't. Like the saying "God helps those who help themselves," "This too shall pass" isn't in there. It sounds like it could be, but it isn't. The catchy line probably gained its popularity from President Lincoln, who used it... Continue Reading →

ALL. DAY. LONG. – How to Stay Spiritually Focused Past Noon

In Psalm 25:5, David makes a statement that is challenging. He prays, "Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you." I'm fine until the "all day long" part. Personally, I struggle to maintain a focus on the Lord all... Continue Reading →

3 Ideas to Keep Your Faith Fresh

Since God's Goodness is New Every Day, What About Our Response? Everyone enjoys fresh stuff. Fresh bread, fresh doughnuts, fresh french fries, fresh fruits and veggies, and most definitely, fresh coffee. Since we started dabbling in farm living, my family and I even get to enjoy the taste of fresh eggs these days, straight from... Continue Reading →

How to Sing When You’re Sad

The Power of Praising God, Even When You're Not Feeling It Have you ever been in a worship service surrounded by people who are singing passionately and it seems like everyone in the room is into it except for you?  You're conflicted internally because you know you should be praising God and you wish you... Continue Reading →

God and Teeter-totters

Praising God because He is Both "Up There" and "Down Here" Remember the teeter-totter? That classic piece of playground equipment where you go up and down with a counter-balancing partner? If they happened to be a lot bigger than you, you might get stuck in the "up" position looking down at them. And then if... Continue Reading →

Worship without Holes

Learning to Trust God with Our All Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.comYou gotta admit it, the person who invented the doughnut hole is pretty smart. Create a pastry, put a hole in the middle of it, then turn around and sell the pastry and the hole separately for more money than you could sell... Continue Reading →

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