Overcoming Envy -Part I

If you have ever visited the Grand Canyon, you know the view is breath-taking. The constantly changing colors, shifting shadows, and striations in the rock make for an awesome selfie background. Tragically, however, several people have recently fallen to their deaths - at the G.C. and other parks - as a result of losing their... Continue Reading →

Permission to Press Pause in a Press-Play World

In his book, Living into the Life of Jesus, Klauss Issler describes a simple but powerful visual that can remind us to pause for a moment when life is putting the squeeze on. On a sticky-note, draw a circle and write the word, "Pause." This will serve as your very own pause button. If you'd... Continue Reading →

Pure Confusion…What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

A young lady I know (let's call her "M") is conflicted about her next step in life. M feels the pressure to decide, but she isn't sure which way to go. She thought she had her mind made up, but then something happened and now she's confused all over again. Part of the problem is... Continue Reading →

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