Praying for Someone Who Hurt You is Hard, but Super Healthy

“But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

-Jesus, Matthew 5:44

Everything was fine between Anne and Lana until it wasn’t. The close friendship they shared at one time was so tight it seemed unbreakable. They trusted each other. They had each other’s back. They picked each other up on bad days.

They even bought matching Chuck Taylor’s.

But almost overnight they became enemies. A little selfishness and a lot of misunderstanding broke the relationship in a hurry. Two friends that at one time were close and supportive were now poles apart and suspicious of each other.

It happens all too often. Relationships go south, even among faithful followers of Jesus. Our shortcomings almost guarantee it. Though reconciliation is always an option through Jesus, we still find ourselves in messy break-ups.

What to do? Though it’s the last thing we might feel like doing in that moment, one very healthy thing we can do is to make the choice to pray for that person. Even if we cannot bear to talk to that person or face them, we can still talk to God about them and for them.

We must.

You mean the person that just hurt me? I’m supposed to pray for them? Yes. That’s what Jesus said. And not only did Jesus say that, He also did that.

Someone wisely said “You cannot at the same time hate someone and pray for them. It is impossible.” How true. By praying for those who have hurt us, we release ourselves from the would-be prison of hatred and we stay out from underneath the unbearable burden of bitterness.

May God help us to make this choice.

It’s a new day with God. Run with it.

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