3 Easy-to-Remember Reasons to Praise God, Even on a Hard Day

I’d be lying if I said that I started every day praising God for how good He is. More often than not, I am so preoccupied with worldly concerns that I lose track of His involvement in my life. Like Martha in Luke 10:38-42, I tend to obsess about circumstances beyond my control when I should be more like her sister, Mary, who just reveled in the company of Jesus.

Truth is, I need a cue from God’s word to help me remember that regardless of how challenging life can be, God is worthy of my praise every single day. Like an old well pump, I need to be primed a little in order for praise to start flowing from my heart and across my lips.

And this is one of the things I appreciate about the book of Psalms in the Bible. Over and again, the psalms give what I call “praise prompts” to guys like me who sometimes aren’t paying attention. Like this one in Psalm 100,

Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
and his courts with praise!
Give thanks to him; bless his name! (v. 4)

What is really helpful is that the psalmist also gives three specific reasons why every day is a good day to praise God, no matter what might be going on around you. Notice the very next verse:

For the Lord is good;
his steadfast love endures forever,
and his faithfulness to all generations.   (v. 5)

Did you catch the three reasons to praise God? If not, here they are again:

  1. He is good. 
  2. His love endures forever.
  3. He is forever faithful.

Chances are, you’ve got your head down today just trying to plow your way through the circumstances in front of you. If so, pause for a moment and ponder these three attributes of God. Take them personally, very personally.

Dwell on your circumstances, especially the scary ones, and worry and anxiety will grow in your heart like algae grows in a poorly maintained pool. But dwell on the character of God – His goodness, love, and faithfulness – and praise will begin to rise in you like water from the bottom of a well.

It’s a new day with God. Run with it.

Every day is a good day to praise God. 


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