When You’re Dealing with Loss

Within a space of just months Mark sustained some incredible losses. First, he lost a parent, then a dear friend. Two huge goodbyes for which he wasn’t prepared. With these unexpected departures, the landscape of his life suddenly looked so different. Like when a massive tree gets blown over in a storm, it leaves behind an obvious empty spot.

Today, several years removed from that painful time, Mark would tell you that he is thankful for it. Though it hurt beyond words, that season of loss led to a deeper appreciation of God’s presence in his life. And it taught him an invaluable lesson about the sufficiency of God’s grace, a lesson he would need to re-visit over and over again.

David must have been in a similar situation when he wrote these lyrics in Psalm 62:

5 For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence,
for my hope is from him.
6 He only is my rock and my salvation,
my fortress; I shall not be shaken.
7 On God rests my salvation and my glory;
my mighty rock, my refuge is God.

Do you get the idea that David felt like it was just him and God against the world at that moment? It’s as if it was one of those times when there was no one else available to help David…it was just him and the God of the universe.

Ever been there? Most of us have.

But there’s an upside.

When you are in that place where it feels like God is all that you have, you realize that He is all you need. Not that you don’t deeply value your relationships with family and friends, but you realize there are needs that only God can meet. There’s a space in your soul in which only He fits. We all hunger for an unchanging, immovable Rock in our lives and only He qualifies.

If you’re experiencing disappointment today because someone you thought would always be there for you is no longer, be encouraged. Jesus, the Rock of your salvation remains strong and true as ever.

It’s a new day with God. Run with it.


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