When it Seems Like All You Have Left is God

Within a space of just months Mark sustained some incredible losses. First, he lost a parent, then a dear friend. Two huge goodbyes for which he wasn't prepared. With these unexpected departures, the landscape of his life suddenly looked so different. Like when a massive tree gets blown over in a storm, it leaves behind... Continue Reading →

Getting High God’s Way

My friend, Tommy, got high every day during lunch period. He would go to his secret spot outside of the school building, wherever that was, and smoke some weed. It's just what he did. Every day. Tommy, a senior, sat in front of me, a freshman, in our 5th period math class. He gave me... Continue Reading →

How to Handle Haters 1.0

What to Do with the People that Have it in For You David was a pro at dealing with difficult people. In spite of his giant-killing heroics back in the day, not everyone was a fan. He had way more than his share of haters. Trash-talking, threats, harassment...David dealt with all the ugly aspects of interpersonal... Continue Reading →

When Life Makes You Cry

What Believers Do When Hard Things Happen I wonder if he ever saw it coming. Yes, there had been some family drama in the past, but did he have any hint that his son would betray him and undercut his leadership like he did? His own flesh and blood? Nothing hurts worse than being forsaken,... Continue Reading →

When You’re Overwhelmed

Three Helpful Practices for Hard Times In case you didn't realize it, characters in the Bible are real people. Take David, for instance. He's about as raw and real as they get. If you thought he was just some epic, giant-slaying hero who was always courageous and never struggled with issues like loneliness or despair,... Continue Reading →

A Couple of Options in Problem Solving

Ask God for Help, or Get Hammered I know a guy who was up against an especially challenging set of circumstances recently. He never had so much to deal with at one time - personal issues, family problems, and work all piled up on him. It seemed like he was at risk for losing just... Continue Reading →

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