The Trampoline Effect – How to Bounce Back when Life Gets You Down

I have learned from watching my kids that gravity hurts, except when you’re on a trampoline. Then it’s a blast.

Falling down and popping back up is something kids can do for hours on end. We are on our third trampoline at our house and so far, no trips to the emergency room.

If only it were always that easy in life to bounce back!

Let’s face it, we all get down from time to time. The question is, How do you get back up?

As you read the Psalms, you will notice how David’s life was kind of like a trampoline. He was up, down, and all over the place.

The cool thing, however, is that David had amazing bounce. No matter how far down he got with discouragement, he always bounced back to praise God again.

Psalm 59 is just one example among many of the trampoline effect in David’s life. In that chapter, David is processing his aggravation with the constant harassment coming from King Saul. Gravity was getting the upper hand on his heart and he was sinking.

So what helped David “spring” back up? What was it that lifted David’s spirits when he was plunged down so low?

Answer: the changeless character of God. Specifically, David fell hard onto the steadfast love and faithfulness of the Lord. What always got David up again was his remembrance that even when life was very hard, God was still there, strong and loyal as ever.

Listen to his lyrics:

16But I will sing of your strength;
I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning.
For you have been to me a fortress
and a refuge in the day of my distress.
17 O my Strength, I will sing praises to you,
for you, O God, are my fortress,
the God who shows me steadfast love.

What was true for David is also true for you today. Even when life is brutally complicated and intimidating, the character of God remains unaffected. He is always going to love you and He is never going to stop fighting for you.

Let these truths be the “springs” that help you bounce back when life gets you down.

It’s a new day with God. Run with it.


4 thoughts on “The Trampoline Effect – How to Bounce Back when Life Gets You Down

  1. Thank you for your devotions! I really need to read this! I feel a lot like David in that I’m so often on the trampiline! What’s sad is that I’m like “gosh Teresa how many times has God been there, done that, saved you“ why don’t I just remember those times and maybe I wouldn’t be on the down! Thanks for reminding me guess that’s why I need devotions!

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    1. It’s true, as much as we would like to be “up” all the time…that isn’t realistic. Thankfully, the character and promises of God give us “springs” to get us back up. God bless Teresa!


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