Swimming with Sharks – An Alternate Response in an Ocean of Negativity

One of the classic scenes from Finding Nemo is when Dory and Nemo find themselves in the company of a few shady sharks participating in a recovery session. The mantra for the session is "Fish are friends, not food" but class ends abruptly when the leader, Bruce, smells the irresistible scent of blood. What makes it... Continue Reading →

When You’re Tired of Fighting – A Tale of Two Warriors

If you have ever felt like you're in an exhausting fight, it's because you are. As much as the enemy would like to convince you otherwise, your spiritual battle is a real one. It is not a figment of your imagination. Simply put, if Jesus is your Savior then the devil is your relentless opponent. To help,... Continue Reading →

Help Over the Hump – How Relationships Make All the Difference When You’re Struggling

Have you heard about the loneliness epidemic? Recent studies reveal that even though we are more connected than ever due to technology, somehow we are growing more and more isolated and consequently, more lonely. It is a post-modern paradox. We are connected, yet so disconnected. Would you agree that this relational crisis presents a great... Continue Reading →

The Juggler…When You Have a Lot Going On

If I ever get a job as a circus clown, it will have to be of the non-juggling variety, because I can't juggle. Never could. Two things in the air at one time is my max. Throw in another thing, and without a doubt, they are all coming down. The same is true in everyday... Continue Reading →

When the Bottom Falls Out – 5 Helpful Steps

What to Do When Life Plunges You The plunge can be hard on a person. Take Evan, for example. His work is going great. Everything is clicking, falling into place. He's doing a good job and feels good about it. Then out of nowhere, on a dime, things take a bad turn for Evan and... Continue Reading →

Do This to Improve Communication

Asking for God's Help is an Option that Sometimes Gets Overlooked He did it again. Even though Nick knew it had not worked out well on dozens of occasions in the past when he spoke harshly to his wife during a disagreement, in the heat of the moment he defaulted to it once more. Because... Continue Reading →

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