The Black Dot Experiment

Take a clean, white piece of paper and with a pen or pencil make a dot right in the middle of it. Show it to someone and ask them "What do you see?" More than likely, they will say "A black dot." Rather than seeing a white piece of paper with a small dot on... Continue Reading →

3 Ideas to Keep Your Faith Fresh

Since God's Goodness is New Every Day, What About Our Response? Everyone enjoys fresh stuff. Fresh bread, fresh doughnuts, fresh french fries, fresh fruits and veggies, and most definitely, fresh coffee. Since we started dabbling in farm living, my family and I even get to enjoy the taste of fresh eggs these days, straight from... Continue Reading →

Your Victory Speech

When You Get to the Other Side of a Hard Situation, Don't Forget to Thank God Psalm 124 reads like a victory speech. Written by David, it describes his experience of being rescued from what seemed like a hopeless situation. It is unclear what exactly the problem was, but David used a trio of metaphors... Continue Reading →

Flexing for Jesus

Taking a Different Approach in a World full of Show-Offs Photo by Pixabay on As part of a recent advertising campaign, a national fitness center chain puts it out there that they purposely have fewer mirrors than most gyms. Why? They want to discourage flexing and posing during workouts so that ordinary folks feel... Continue Reading →

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