L.C.A.I.B. – Local Church at its Best

My lovely wife and I recently attended a couple's banquet put on by our local church. It blessed our socks off. We walked away that evening encouraged about life, about our relationship with God and each other, and about our future together. Funny thing is, it was by no means a grand production. Like most... Continue Reading →

Help Over the Hump – How Relationships Make All the Difference When You’re Struggling

Have you heard about the loneliness epidemic? Recent studies reveal that even though we are more connected than ever due to technology, somehow we are growing more and more isolated and consequently, more lonely. It is a post-modern paradox. We are connected, yet so disconnected. Would you agree that this relational crisis presents a great... Continue Reading →

When the Church Breaks Your Heart – 3 Reasons to Reconsider Leaving

A long time ago I had a girlfriend whom I hoped to marry one day. She was bubbly and beautiful, but she was also chronically dishonest with me. We eventually broke up and haven't spoken since. She broke my heart. In retrospect, I'm glad breaking up was an option. Two years of grief is better... Continue Reading →

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