A life without any lines is a tragedy.

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“…When you come into the land of Canaan, which I am giving you as your special possession, these will be your boundaries.”

Numbers 34:2

Caution, you are living in a world of disappearing boundaries. Have you noticed? Lines that for millennia have clearly marked out what is right versus what is wrong, what is good versus what is bad, safe versus unsafe are quickly being erased. Our era, known as the post-modern era, has become famous for its rejection of absolute standards. Instead, we have opted for a “to each his own” approach.

Against the wisdom of the proverbs, we have removed the ancient landmarks that have been in place for ages to guide us along as we navigate life. On our watch, these precious markers have been vandalized and tossed into a ditch, leaving us not knowing which way is which.

For some, this absence of hard lines represents progress and should be continued and celebrated. They see it as ideal. For others, however, this loss of lines is something to mourn and it creates a palpable sense of impending doom.

Who’s right? Well, that’s the rub. The postmodern perspective is that everyone is right and no one is wrong, except for those who believe that there is such a thing as right and wrong and a way of distinguishing between the two.

While this deconstruction of boundaries has advanced into late stages, it is never too late to re-think the value of God-given parameters. What if, after all, boundaries are an expression of God’s kindness and grace?

What if we were mistaken in thinking that if we eliminate all of those seemingly restrictive lines God imposes on us, we would be happier people?

What if God gave us limits for our own good?

What if we find out that a world without boundaries is chaotic, unstable, and ultimately uninhabitable?

As we learn about God in the Bible, we see that one of the ways He has always taken care of His creation is by providing them with boundaries within which they can thrive. From the Garden of Eden forward, God has always been kind enough to say,

It would be best for you if you hang out in this area right here.”

For example, when the children of Israel finally moved back into their land after a four-hundred year exile abroad, God knew they could not thrive in a free-for-all situation. So, He gave them both ethical and geographical boundaries. Rather than saying, “Just figure out where your limits are,” God gave them some loving limitations with which to work. Margins. Boundaries. Lines. They needed them then, and so do we.

As the conversation continues regarding sexual ethics, morality, and right and wrong in general, this might be a good time to ask, Are boundaries are a good thing or a bad thing?

Living within boundaries that God has laid out for us takes faith. It requires us to trust that He is wise, knows all, and is both holy and kind in His nature. It has always been for our good and for His glory that He graces us with boundaries. We would do well to honor them.

It’s a new day with God. Run with it.


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