You (and Jesus) Got This

My first re-post…in case you’re needing as shot in the arm today. God bless!

Devotions on the Run

How Faith-Based Confidence Helps When You’re Up Against a Challenge

In her book, Option B – Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg briefly tells the story of her coworker, Caryn, and her experience with breast cancer. To encourage Caryn along, Sandberg recounts how she gave her a special necklace on her first day of radiation treatment, bearing the letters “YGT.” Since Caryn’s initials were “CLM,” she was confused at the meaning. Sandberg explained to her that the letters stood for “You’ve got this.”

Gestures like this from a friend when you are in a time of need are an indescribable blessing. It isn’t just the gift itself but the thoughtfulness and support that it represents. No doubt, Caryn wore the necklace as a visible symbol and reminder of hope to help her get through a difficult time.

The necklace idea is so…

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