How to Reset with God

All relationships have to be reset from time to time, including our relationship with God. In spite of our best intentions, stuff happens. A relationship that was once vibrant and healthy can turn south quickly. When we offend - intentionally or unintentionally - it drives a wedge and creates relational distance. Thankfully, our conscience has... Continue Reading →

Double-Check this Receipt, and Be Encouraged

How's your relationship with receipts? Is it love, or hate? When the person at the cash register asks if you want to keep your receipt, what do you say? "Yes, please" or "No, thanks"? My wife gently reminds me that I'm supposed to hang on to my receipts for our records, but I've got to... Continue Reading →

January 1st and the Grace of God

In spite of what the cynics may say, January 1 presents a great opportunity to begin again. While it is true that God's mercies are new every morning - not just on the first day of the year - there is just something hopeful and energizing about a fresh calendar. As the year winds down,... Continue Reading →

The Risk and Reward of Full Disclosure with God

I'll never forget the evening I came clean with her. The buried little fact about myself had been dogging my conscience for days. I wanted to tell her, but I couldn't muster up the courage. I would sense the right moment presenting itself, but then I would chicken out every time. I knew that if... Continue Reading →

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