When You’re Tired of Fighting – A Tale of Two Warriors

If you have ever felt like you're in an exhausting fight, it's because you are. As much as the enemy would like to convince you otherwise, your spiritual battle is a real one. It is not a figment of your imagination. Simply put, if Jesus is your Savior then the devil is your relentless opponent. To help,... Continue Reading →

When You Want to Get Away but Can’t

One Thing that Will Help You Stay Put When You Need To Ever fantasize about jumping on a plane and just going somewhere? No place in particular, just anywhere besides where you are? We could probably trace humanity's desire to fly all the way back to the day Adam and Eve first noticed a bird... Continue Reading →

What is a ‘Spiritual Gangster’ Anyway?

New Terminology for an Old Battle A lady walks into a restaurant with a t-shirt that catches your eye. It's a black shirt with these words in white letters: "SPIRITUAL GANGSTER." You give it a double-take because the gal looks nothing like a gangster. She is  middle-aged, has small children with her, and appears to... Continue Reading →

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