How to Reset with God

All relationships have to be reset from time to time, including our relationship with God. In spite of our best intentions, stuff happens. A relationship that was once vibrant and healthy can turn south quickly. When we offend - intentionally or unintentionally - it drives a wedge and creates relational distance. Thankfully, our conscience has... Continue Reading →

January 1st and the Grace of God

In spite of what the cynics may say, January 1 presents a great opportunity to begin again. While it is true that God's mercies are new every morning - not just on the first day of the year - there is just something hopeful and energizing about a fresh calendar. As the year winds down,... Continue Reading →

Hope for a Change

Three Reasons Why You Should Believe that You Can Change One of the things that sometimes works against us in the Christian life is a certain skepticism about whether people can actually change or not. When it comes down to it, many of us struggle with believing that someone could really be any different than... Continue Reading →

When it Feels like Monday, but it Isn’t

How to Reset after a Brutally Bad Day Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.comJim got through Monday with flying colors. No disagreement with his wife, no major problems at work, no drama when he got home. For a Monday, it was a pretty good day. But on Tuesday the wheels came off. And it caught... Continue Reading →

So Your Life Isn’t Perfect

A mugshot of a pro golfer's wife is plastered on the front page of an online news outlet. You can tell she is beautiful on a good day, but not on this particular day. Her face says it all. Stress. Breakdown. Crisis. What happened? Life happened. High pressure, failure, unmet expectations, disappointments, fears, and the... Continue Reading →

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