When You’re Tired of Fighting – A Tale of Two Warriors

If you have ever felt like you're in an exhausting fight, it's because you are. As much as the enemy would like to convince you otherwise, your spiritual battle is a real one. It is not a figment of your imagination. Simply put, if Jesus is your Savior then the devil is your relentless opponent. To help,... Continue Reading →

When You Feel Stuck – 3 Moves You Can Make

Jen is dealing with a situation right now that has her feeling stuck. She's not sure what to do about it and doesn't feel like she can take it much longer. She feels like she is just a step away from panicking and doing something desperate. There's nothing worse than feeling stuck. Whether it's an... Continue Reading →

Your Friend, Incre-Mentality – Embracing the Slow and Steady Side of Recovery

I know a guy that used to run for miles at a time, marathons even. But not anymore. These days he has to settle for measuring his distances by the utility poles on the side of the road, just 125 feet at a time. Due to a back injury that caused nerve damage, his legs... Continue Reading →

Praying Past Thresholds

Four Essentials for Praying More Effectively Wouldn't it be silly if I got up a little early tomorrow, put on my workout clothes, laced up my Nikes, stretched out for a few minutes and then...took a shower? Why would I go to all the trouble to prepare for it, get warmed up for it, but... Continue Reading →

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