This One Never Gets Old

If the Lord is Your Shepherd (Psalm 23), then Your Well-being is Ultimately His Responsibility Psalm 23 is a timeless classic. Even if you have never been around sheep, you can appreciate the simple Shepherd metaphor used by David over three thousand years ago, and then again by Jesus in John 10. Here's how Psalm... Continue Reading →

When Life Makes You Cry

What Believers Do When Hard Things Happen I wonder if he ever saw it coming. Yes, there had been some family drama in the past, but did he have any hint that his son would betray him and undercut his leadership like he did? His own flesh and blood? Nothing hurts worse than being forsaken,... Continue Reading →

When You’re Overwhelmed

Three Helpful Practices for Hard Times In case you didn't realize it, characters in the Bible are real people. Take David, for instance. He's about as raw and real as they get. If you thought he was just some epic, giant-slaying hero who was always courageous and never struggled with issues like loneliness or despair,... Continue Reading →

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