When You’re Fighting for Your Life: Anthem of a Survivor

A dear lady in my church - let's call her L -  is fighting for her life today. In just a couple of hours L will undergo a surgery which she may not survive. She has battled chronic illness for years now and after a recent fall, faces yet another major setback. Her heart has... Continue Reading →

L.C.A.I.B. – Local Church at its Best

My lovely wife and I recently attended a couple's banquet put on by our local church. It blessed our socks off. We walked away that evening encouraged about life, about our relationship with God and each other, and about our future together. Funny thing is, it was by no means a grand production. Like most... Continue Reading →

Following Jesus When it Isn’t Trending

How to Take the Long View in Times of Cultural Upheaval You already know this, but it isn't easy to publicly identify as a Christian anymore. Be it at your school, your job, or in your social media community, you are likely to get some hate if you dare to bring Jesus with you. It... Continue Reading →

Worship without Holes

Learning to Trust God with Our All Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.comYou gotta admit it, the person who invented the doughnut hole is pretty smart. Create a pastry, put a hole in the middle of it, then turn around and sell the pastry and the hole separately for more money than you could sell... Continue Reading →

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