How a Humbling Experience Turned Out to be a Valuable One

Had any humbling moments lately? You know the ones I'm talking about... Like when you trip and your arms go flailing to avoid a face-plant in public. Or when you fumble over your words while all eyes in the room are on you...or when you realize your zipper is down and you're not sure how... Continue Reading →

When You’re Tired of Fighting – A Tale of Two Warriors

If you have ever felt like you're in an exhausting fight, it's because you are. As much as the enemy would like to convince you otherwise, your spiritual battle is a real one. It is not a figment of your imagination. Simply put, if Jesus is your Savior then the devil is your relentless opponent. To help,... Continue Reading →

How to Handle Failure Like a Pro

At the risk of boring the reader who may not be a sports fan, this post is inspired by a play in a recent pro football game. Not because the play itself was great, but because it was a bad play followed by a great reaction. Truth is many of us are put out with... Continue Reading →

Learning and Turning

How to Make the Most of Your Worst Had any good failures lately? Taken any wrong turns? Made any wrong-headed decisions? If you haven't, good on you, but if you have, welcome to the fellowship. The fact is that every now and then ten out of ten of us will veer off course. It is... Continue Reading →

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