Dissed in December – When it isn’t the Happiest Season of All

If you're feeling dissed in December, welcome to the party. I mean, maybe it's just me, but have you noticed how family drama escalates during the holidays? Actually, it is well-documented that "the happiest season of all" can also be the most stressful. There is just something about the month of December that can be... Continue Reading →

When You Feel Stuck – 3 Moves You Can Make

Jen is dealing with a situation right now that has her feeling stuck. She's not sure what to do about it and doesn't feel like she can take it much longer. She feels like she is just a step away from panicking and doing something desperate. There's nothing worse than feeling stuck. Whether it's an... Continue Reading →

The Black Dot Experiment

Take a clean, white piece of paper and with a pen or pencil make a dot right in the middle of it. Show it to someone and ask them "What do you see?" More than likely, they will say "A black dot." Rather than seeing a white piece of paper with a small dot on... Continue Reading →

The Juggler…When You Have a Lot Going On

If I ever get a job as a circus clown, it will have to be of the non-juggling variety, because I can't juggle. Never could. Two things in the air at one time is my max. Throw in another thing, and without a doubt, they are all coming down. The same is true in everyday... Continue Reading →

The Climb of Your Life

To Get to the Top We All Need a LittleĀ Lot of Help Years ago my wife, Tawnia, and I got to check off an item on our bucket list. Or more accurately, my bucket list (the expression on her face says it all). We climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - the... Continue Reading →

You (and Jesus) Got This

How Faith-Based Confidence Helps When You're Up Against a Challenge In her book, Option B - Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg briefly tells the story of her coworker, Caryn, and her experience with breast cancer. To encourage Caryn along, Sandberg recounts how she gave her a special necklace on... Continue Reading →

When the Bottom Falls Out – 5 Helpful Steps

What to Do When Life Plunges You The plunge can be hard on a person. Take Evan, for example. His work is going great. Everything is clicking, falling into place. He's doing a good job and feels good about it. Then out of nowhere, on a dime, things take a bad turn for Evan and... Continue Reading →

When Life Makes You Cry

What Believers Do When Hard Things Happen I wonder if he ever saw it coming. Yes, there had been some family drama in the past, but did he have any hint that his son would betray him and undercut his leadership like he did? His own flesh and blood? Nothing hurts worse than being forsaken,... Continue Reading →

Exhale, He Already Knows

Having a Relationship With a God Who Knows All I came across the title of a book recently that made me pause and think. It was called God Knows Your Story (And He's Not Mad!). I haven't read it yet, but I'm guessing that somewhere in there is a reference to Psalm 139, the most... Continue Reading →

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