Spiritual Bulldogs: How Willpower Squares with the Gospel

How do you summit a mountain? How do you run a marathon? How do you take those surplus pounds off? How do you finish a degree? How do you graduate from rehab? How do you keep your vows in a relationship? How do you complete a challenging project? Say it with me, determination. When it... Continue Reading →

More Proof of God’s Love

There's a concept in Christianity that doesn't get much airtime these days, yet it's biblical. It's the idea that God disciplines those He loves. Maybe the reason we avoid it is because it sounds kind of harsh, or mean. But the truth is that God's discipline has everything to do with His love and concern... Continue Reading →

Following Jesus When it Isn’t Trending

How to Take the Long View in Times of Cultural Upheaval You already know this, but it isn't easy to publicly identify as a Christian anymore. Be it at your school, your job, or in your social media community, you are likely to get some hate if you dare to bring Jesus with you. It... Continue Reading →

176 verses, 1 Big Idea

Why I'm Glad I didn't Skip the Longest Chapter of the Bible Setting out to read Psalm 119 in the Bible is kind of like boarding a flight from Los Angeles to New York. You know it's going to take a while. Honestly, I thought about skipping it. After I finished chapter 118, I sort... Continue Reading →

Praying Past Thresholds

Four Essentials for Praying More Effectively Wouldn't it be silly if I got up a little early tomorrow, put on my workout clothes, laced up my Nikes, stretched out for a few minutes and then...took a shower? Why would I go to all the trouble to prepare for it, get warmed up for it, but... Continue Reading →

Hope for a Change

Three Reasons Why You Should Believe that You Can Change One of the things that sometimes works against us in the Christian life is a certain skepticism about whether people can actually change or not. When it comes down to it, many of us struggle with believing that someone could really be any different than... Continue Reading →

A Juicy Analogy

What a Grapevine Tells us About a Relationship with Jesus Of all the metaphors in the Bible that can help us better understand our relationship with God (Shepherd/sheep, Potter/clay, Father/children), one of my all-time favorites is that of the Vine and branches. For some reason, this comparison just helps me get it. When Jesus taught... Continue Reading →

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