The Juggler…When You Have a Lot Going On

If I ever get a job as a circus clown, it will have to be of the non-juggling variety, because I can't juggle. Never could. Two things in the air at one time is my max. Throw in another thing, and without a doubt, they are all coming down. The same is true in everyday... Continue Reading →

Following Jesus When it Isn’t Trending

How to Take the Long View in Times of Cultural Upheaval You already know this, but it isn't easy to publicly identify as a Christian anymore. Be it at your school, your job, or in your social media community, you are likely to get some hate if you dare to bring Jesus with you. It... Continue Reading →

Determined as…

3 Things We Can Learn from the Woolly Bear Caterpillar When you see Woolly Bear Caterpillars crossing the country roads of the Midwest, it's a sure sign that summer is almost over. As they hustle to get from one side of the road to the other, you know a change of seasons is coming. For... Continue Reading →

When They Don’t Choose You

How to Deal with Being Overlooked As summer winds down, it's time for tryouts for next season's baseball squads. Lots of youngsters, like my son, competing for just a few spots. Not everyone will make it. Some will see their name on the roster and celebrate while those who don't see their name will be... Continue Reading →

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