Getting High God’s Way

My friend, Tommy, got high every day during lunch period. He would go to his secret spot outside of the school building, wherever that was, and smoke some weed. It's just what he did. Every day. Tommy, a senior, sat in front of me, a freshman, in our 5th period math class. He gave me... Continue Reading →

When You Feel Stuck – 3 Moves You Can Make

Jen is dealing with a situation right now that has her feeling stuck. She's not sure what to do about it and doesn't feel like she can take it much longer. She feels like she is just a step away from panicking and doing something desperate. There's nothing worse than feeling stuck. Whether it's an... Continue Reading →

Permission to Press Pause in a Press-Play World

In his book, Living into the Life of Jesus, Klauss Issler describes a simple but powerful visual that can remind us to pause for a moment when life is putting the squeeze on. On a sticky-note, draw a circle and write the word, "Pause." This will serve as your very own pause button. If you'd... Continue Reading →

When You Want to Get Away but Can’t

One Thing that Will Help You Stay Put When You Need To Ever fantasize about jumping on a plane and just going somewhere? No place in particular, just anywhere besides where you are? We could probably trace humanity's desire to fly all the way back to the day Adam and Eve first noticed a bird... Continue Reading →

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