How to Reset with God

All relationships have to be reset from time to time, including our relationship with God. In spite of our best intentions, stuff happens. A relationship that was once vibrant and healthy can turn south quickly. When we offend - intentionally or unintentionally - it drives a wedge and creates relational distance. Thankfully, our conscience has... Continue Reading →

How to Handle Failure Like a Pro

At the risk of boring the reader who may not be a sports fan, this post is inspired by a play in a recent pro football game. Not because the play itself was great, but because it was a bad play followed by a great reaction. Truth is many of us are put out with... Continue Reading →

Exhale, He Already Knows

Having a Relationship With a God Who Knows All I came across the title of a book recently that made me pause and think. It was called God Knows Your Story (And He's Not Mad!). I haven't read it yet, but I'm guessing that somewhere in there is a reference to Psalm 139, the most... Continue Reading →

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