The Beauty of Imperfection

Our new little dog, Sassie, has made quite a splash with the family. She's a teacup sized Shorkie (Shitzu/Yorkie), with an underbite. The older she gets, the more pronounced the underbite. But because she's ours, we don't mind it. We still think Sassie's the best. We overlook her imperfections and focus instead on her big... Continue Reading →

How He Got a Thumbs Up…from God

Thumbs almost universal sign of approval. If you hang out much in the realm of social media, you are well acquainted with the power of the┬áthumbs up icon. The more of these little guys you have on your posts and pages, the better it is for you. People don't bestow a thumbs up for... Continue Reading →

Exhale, He Already Knows

Having a Relationship With a God Who Knows All I came across the title of a book recently that made me pause and think. It was called God Knows Your Story (And He's Not Mad!). I haven't read it yet, but I'm guessing that somewhere in there is a reference to Psalm 139, the most... Continue Reading →

When They Don’t Choose You

How to Deal with Being Overlooked As summer winds down, it's time for tryouts for next season's baseball squads. Lots of youngsters, like my son, competing for just a few spots. Not everyone will make it. Some will see their name on the roster and celebrate while those who don't see their name will be... Continue Reading →

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